How to have qualified candidates to hire restaurant staff using Social Apps

12.05.21 06:50 PM By manager
Hiring staff is one of the most important task that we have as restaurant operators. 51% of restaurant operators in the United States say it is the main challenge (Toast  2019 source).

We need to have an easy and reliable procedure to have reliable candidates for our operation. And the best way to attract young talent is by using tools where they are more familiar. 

Today I am going to tell you how we can do it and how it worked for me. 

Before start we must have this information at hand:

1. Profile: First we need before we start is to be clear about the profile of the position. With the minimum information required.

2. Salary: The amount we are willing to pay for the profile must be set. We must assume that there will be many requests and that we should not waste time analyzing requests that do not meet the profile.

3. Validate the requirements. Every position needs requirements. Some who need titles or criminal records. Additional for remote positions, they need to be available on time and have no other work commitment.

4. Online test. A series of online tests should be prepared to validate that the required knowledge is possessed by the candidate. Ideally they should be tests with multiple answers and that only one is correct. This to make grading easier.

The process:

Let's use a tool called Zoho Recruit, for the hiring process. Which has a monthly cost of USD 21.

And Zoho Survey  for exams (this for a price of $20). (we could also use Google Forms). If we decide to compare both licenses, we could pay Zoho  One  which gives us both apps for USD 35 per month.

Step 1: Create a job opening. Here we must fill in the required fields based on our information that we previously obtained. 

Step 2: Publishing the job. This shows us some job bags that will be published automatically. This is the true value of the tool. Since depending on the country, we will have different jobs bags that organically can be consulted by future candidates. 

Also, you can choose your own job company page. The most effective jobs bags are Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Step 3: Choose the requirements form. This is where candidates are requested to fill out a form required to be able to apply to opening job. This allows many unfit candidates to be filtered. 

Step 4: Manage candidate applications. 

When the job opening is already published, this begins to appear in the jobs bags and the candidates begin to apply. 

Step 5: Create the tests. 

You can create tests forms and send them to candidates so you can rank them. 

It is recommended that you have closed responses, so that you can assign grades. Additional only take full forms. Also observe the time it took to respond to the test. 

Step 6: Candidates are ready. Now start your internal recruitment procedure. The advantage of this method is that we will have a lot of qualified candidates and these are obtained from the internet in a desirable segment for restaurants. 

Remember to choose the one you think will be in the restaurant's operation longer. Since 35% of restaurant operators' challenges are to retain and train staff (Toast Source 2019).

If the job is remote, you must ensure that the candidate has the required time. You can now risk multiple jobs at the same time. 

As long as you have covered the job, do not forget to register it in Zoho Recruit  so that it is unpublished from the jobs bags and also so that an email was sent thanking you for the participation of the process and the closure of the job.

I hope you can use these tips.

I’ll see you later.
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